NewsRamin Fatehi Joins Faith and Community Leaders to Call for the End of the Death Penalty

January 22, 20210
01-22-2021 Death Penalty Vigil


Today Ramin Fatehi joined community leaders, faith leaders, and his fellow citizens at a rally at Norfolk City Hall to call on the Virginia General Assembly to end the death penalty in Virginia.

“Killing in the name of the state is not justice.  Killing in the name of the state does not make us safer.  It is simply killing,” Fatehi said, “The death penalty is cruel, discriminatory in its application, and arbitrary.  The truth about the death penalty is that it is immoral.”

The Virginia General Assembly is considering a bill to end capital punishment in Virginia, which has executed more of its citizens than nearly any other state.  The only two people in Virginia’s death row are from Norfolk.

Virginians of faith in Norfolk call for the abolition of the death penalty in the state

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