NewsRamin Fatehi, Candidate for Norfolk Commonwealth’s Attorney, Beats Rival by Raising nearly $50,000 in 2020 and Secures Signatures to Enter the Democratic Primary

January 27, 20210

Norfolk, VA – Ramin Fatehi, a proven reform prosecutor and Democrat for Norfolk
Commonwealth’s Attorney, raised $49,271 in cash donations from more than 123 donors in the
second half of 2020. More than half of Ramin’s donations were small-dollar donations (less than
$100.00). Ramin outraised the entire field of candidates by nearly $40,000 in cash donations.

In addition, Ramin has already collected over 500 signatures to place his name on the June
primary ballot, far in excess of the 125-signature requirement.

“Our campaign is off to a great start, and I am thankful for the strong support of all of the people
who have contributed to my campaign,” says Ramin, “Together we will prevail in the
Democratic Primary on June 8 and in the general election in November.”

Ramin is currently a Deputy Commonwealth Attorney for the City of Norfolk and has served in
Norfolk since 2012. In his fifteen years as a state and federal prosecutor and public defender,
Ramin has tried more than 40 jury trials and countless bench trials for cases including murder,
home invasion, rape, armed robbery, drug distribution, maiming by DUI, and embezzlement.

Not only is Ramin a Proven Prosecutor, he has a Record of Reform. Ramin was the architect
of Norfolk Commonwealth’s Attorney office policies for dismissing cases of simple possession
of marijuana and for ending demands for cash bail.

Ramin graduated from Norfolk Academy, where he was a varsity wrestler; earned his bachelor’s
degree in history at Yale University; and earned his law degree at Columbia Law School.
After law school, Ramin had the honor of serving as a law clerk to the Hon. Elizabeth B.
Lacy, the first woman appointed to the Supreme Court of Virginia, and worked in corporate
law in Washington before choosing to become a Public Defender in Richmond.

“Serving as a public defender was one of the most important and morally fulfilling things I
have ever done,” Ramin explains, “I learned up close about how external forces –
structural racism, poverty, mental-health problems, and substance abuse – combine with
personal choices to bring accused persons into the justice system. I also learned about the
enormous power that police and prosecutors have to punish the guilty and, if they so
choose, to show mercy to those who deserve it. It was that power, and some unjust things
that I saw prosecutors do, that called me to being a prosecutor. I wanted to be able to
wield that power for the good of everyone.”

Ramin lives in Colonial Place with his wife Mary Beth, a Senior Lecturer at Old Dominion
University, and his sons Thomas (4) and James (3). “I love living in Norfolk, where I have
lived for most of the past fourteen years and where I attended school for ten years before
then,” says Ramin, “Norfolk is my home, and I am blessed to be able to serve here.

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