A Proven Prosecutor Ready to Lead

Ramin is the right person to carry on Norfolk’s tradition as a leader in criminal-justice reform, public safety, and public trust.  Ramin is a proud Democrat, a believer in justice for all, and a proven advocate for justice and safety here in Norfolk.  See why Ramin’s record shows that he is ready to lead and ready to fight for you.

Norfolk:  A Large Jurisdiction with Unique Challenges

The job of the Norfolk Commonwealth’s Attorney is among the most difficult of all the 120 Commonwealth’s Attorneys in Virginia.  Norfolk is Virginia’s third-largest city and eighth-largest locality, and the Norfolk Commonwealth’s Attorney’s Office is nearly unique in the Commonwealth in serving both a large locality and a locality with a high rate of violent crime.

The Norfolk Commonwealth’s Attorney’s Office is one of the largest and busiest offices in the Commonwealth, with over 40 lawyers and about 50 paralegals, victim-witness advocates, and secretaries, all of whom work with a Norfolk Police Department of close to 700 sworn officers.

Ramin’s experience right here in Norfolk—as a supervisory prosecutor, trial lawyer, strategic thinker, and state legislative advocate—mean that Ramin is ready to run the Commonwealth’s Attorney’s Office on the day he is sworn in.  Ramin’s track record proves that he will protect Norfolk’s citizens while ensuring that the system is fair for all.

Ready to Lead

Ramin knows how to try a case, knows how to manage people, and is ready to manage the Norfolk Commonwealth’s Attorney’s Office the day he takes the oath of office.  Support Ramin in his campaign to serve the citizens of Norfolk.

Ramin Fatehi: An Effective Prosecutor

Ramin currently supervises the Drug Team, which prosecutes drug possession and distribution, driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs, and homicides related to motor vehicles. Ramin has served as a prosecutor in Norfolk for over eight years and has previously served as a Special Assistant United States Attorney for the Western District of Virginia and an Assistant Commonwealth’s Attorney in the City of Chesapeake.

Broad Experience

During his career as a prosecutor Ramin has handled practically every kind of case the office has had to offer, from murder to rape to home invasion to drug distribution to complex financial crimes. Ramin has served as sole chair or co-chair on 45 jury trials and as sole chair on countless bench trials. Ramin is proud that he began his career in criminal law as an Assistant Public Defender in the City of Richmond.

2019 Virginia State Police Fraud Fighter

Ramin was one of the first two prosecutors ever in Virginia to serve as a Multi-Jurisdictional Insurance Fraud Prosecutor, and for that service the Virginia State Police recognized him with a 2019 Fraud Fighter Award.

The Point Man for Serious Cases
Commonwealth v. Todd Schneider

Ramin has had the honor of being on the prosecution team in Commonwealth v. Todd Schneider, a special prosecution in the City of Richmond against a chef at the Virginia Executive Mansion who was a key witness in United States v. Robert McDonnell.  Ramin was the author of all but one of the substantive pleadings in that case, including the successful opposition to the motion to dismiss.  His efforts led to a guilty plea in the case.

Commonwealth v. Brenda Wise (Norfolk Community Services Board)

Ramin further served on the prosecution team for Commonwealth v. Brenda Wise, where a senior executive at the Norfolk Community Services Board was indicted for misappropriation of government resources for keeping a no-show worker on the payroll for over a decade.  Ramin wrote the responsive pleadings in the case, including the successful opposition to the motion to dismiss.  His efforts led to a guilty plea in the case.

Commonwealth v. Anthony Johnson

Ramin served as the lead prosecutor in Commonwealth v. Anthony Johnson, where a husband hired two associates to murder his wife, who was eight months pregnant with their unborn baby.  Fortunately, mother and baby survived the murder attempt, and, thanks to exceptional work by the Norfolk Police, the wrongdoers were quickly arrested.  The contract killers pleaded guilty and testified against the husband at the trial Ramin prosecuted.  The husband stood trial by jury for attempted capital murder for hire, was convicted, and is serving a thirty-five-year prison sentence.

Commonwealth v. Kathleen Ham

Ramin secured indictments and a guilty plea in Commonwealth v. Kathleen Ham, where an employee embezzled over $1 million from her employer and had escaped detection for over a decade.  The defendant was extradited to Virginia, pleaded guilty, and was sentenced to prison.

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